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Jet Stream Digital F-35 A3 Sublimation Paper

Jet Stream Digital F-35 A3 Sublimation Paper

Jet Stream Digital F-35 A3 Sublimation Paper



Jet Stream Digital F-35 is for use in all small format digital dye sublimation printing platforms, available in A4 & A3 sheets.

This latest technical innovation is a "hybrid" technology, which offers superior print quality for both hard and soft dye sublimation substrates. 

Jet Stream Digital F-35 is compatible with all Epson & Ricoh dye sublimation printing platforms and has been vigorously tested and approved by independent technical experts within the dye sublimation print industry.

Key Benefits

  • Compatible for Epson & Ricoh
  • High Ink Release
  • Super-Fast Drying
  • Hybrid Print Technology


Is there a specific type of ink that should be used with Jet Stream Digital paper?
Dye sublimation inks are required to successfully transfer using our Jet Stream Digital paper.

Can I use any other type of ink?
No, only dye sublimation inks will work.

What dye sublimation ink do you recommend?
We don't recommend any one specific dye sublimation ink, there are lots of excellent choices available within the market. We know that market leading providers such as SubliJet or Sublisplash give excellent results.

Do you provide recommended pressing times?
Yes, instructions are provided within the pack as a guide. Given everyone is different, whether it be setup or colour preference, we recommend you only take our values as an initial start point to find your perfect times & temperatures.

Are the instructions available online?
Yes, you can download the instructions from the official Jet Stream Digital website.

How should I store an opened pack?
Once opened, ensure the paper is stored in a clean, moisture free environment. Keep it flat at all times to maintain a smooth transition through the printer.